Ambly is a ClojureScript REPL into embedded JavaScriptCore on iOS, macOS, and tvOS.

Ambly is designed for use when developing hybrid ClojureScript / native apps.

Ambly comprises a ClojureScript REPL implementation, along with Objective-C code interfacing JavaScriptCore.

Ambly™ is free and open source.

Ambly includes a command-line macOS binary which hosts JavaScriptCore and is useful for quickly checking ClojureScript behavior and performance in JavaScriptCore.

Launch the ambly binary on any Mac on your LAN:

$ ambly
2021-04-21 10:54:48.766 ambly[63695:4135199] Ambly 1.10.0

Then connect using ClojureScript's cljs.main, specifying -re ambly:

$ clj -Sdeps '{:deps {ambly/ambly {:mvn/version "1.10.0"}}}' -M -m cljs.main -re ambly -e '(+ 1 Math/PI)' -r a b c

Ambly binding to for mDNS.

[1] ambly on My iMac

Connecting to ambly on My iMac ...

To quit, type: :cljs/quit
cljs.user=> *command-line-args*
("a" "b" "c")
cljs.user=> (map inc [1 2 3])
(2 3 4)